Taking This Weight Loss Thing Seriously

Weight Watchers

I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting yesterday. I’ve been “thinking” about doing WW for awhile, but then I realized all I’m doing is saying but not actually doing. Tuesday night I signed up online for the monthly pass (only $40 a month which is roughly $9.22 per meeting), and yesterday I began tracking food and went to a meeting.

The meeting was amazing, and I never felt more welcomed. I was a newbie, and immediately I felt included. I had to show up extra early because I was new so I could get weighed and fill out paperwork. I was giving a few booklets and went off to Starbucks for some tea until the meeting itself started. The meeting began with sharing anything new or interesting, and one lady brought in the book Eat This, Not That. In Glamour magazine they do something similar to what this book does, and it shows you how you can eat one thing or eat a bunch of other healthier things that are just as delicious. The topic of our meeting was “Baby Steps Towards Your Goal” and we simply discussed different small steps we’ve taken in our lives in order to reach our weigh loss goal.

After the meeting, me and this other lady (she came back after not going to meetings for a long time) had a separate meeting just to introduce me to the program. Most of the stuff I kinda already knew since I had signed up on the web site, but I learned a bit more about the two different plans. I also got more pamphlets and whatnot including a little slider tool that helps me figure out how many points a food and activities are. It’s very handy to have especially while grocery shopping.

Since some of the items I’m eating from the Flat Belly Diet are higher on the points scale with WW, I’ve been modifying my daily menu. I have to say it has been great so far especially since I am actually craving healthy food! Yay!