Winter Portfolio Show

winter portfolio show

Yesterday I went to my school’s quarterly Portfolio Show not only as a student but as an industry professional through my work.

Yesterday's Portfolio Show. Very proud of my friends!

Looking forward to graduating with these guys in June! Check out the work of this quarter’s web designers:

I can’t believe in 12 weeks it’s finally going to be my turn. Nervous and excited!


Thank you for showcasing my business card and linking to my portfolio Cristina. Twelve weeks from now will be your chance to shine and showcase your talents at the next portfolio show. I’m very impressed by your attention to detail and dedication to what you do. I can’t wait to come back in twelve weeks for the next portfolio show and I’m looking forward to seeing your new portfolio, don’t stress because you’re an amazing artist and all will be fine.

Your friend,
Anthony Aguayo

Lots of luck in your last few weeks!! You’ve come sooooo far in your skills, it’s been so fun to watch your progress through your school and projects. 😀 *remembers the good ol’ days of lay0utz and splash pages*

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