Top 10 Tech and Web Apps for Mac

My Top 10 Favorite Mac Apps for Tech & Web #thelovelygeek

I’ve had a few friends/family members/coworkers join the Mac side, so I’m often asked, “What apps do you recommend?” Most everything I use is related to my job as a web designer and developer, so here are some of my favorites.

1. Slack


This is the new office favorite! Before we used Google Hangouts/Flamingo, but after hearing about Slack via the State of the Word the team was hooked! It’s definitely streamlined communication for our team, and it has a very nice interface. Available for iOS, Android, Mac Desktop, and in browser.

2. Sunrise


Not only does it have a beatufiul interface for desktop and mobile, but what got me hooked on Sunrise in the first place was that it sends you a daily digest so you know what you have going on that day. I like it a lot better than Apple’s built-in calendar, and it’s a great way to keep track of everything going on in our office. Available for iOS, Android, Chrome, Mac Desktop, and in browser.

3. Coda


I’ve tried a lot of text editors, but this one is by far my favorite. It’s beautiful, has a lot of syntax options, and even has FTP access built right in. Available for Mac Only and Diet Code for iPad.

4. Transmit


My favorite FTP client, and because it’s made by Panic it works very nicely with Coda. Available for Mac only and app for iOS.

5. CodeKit


A great compiler if you code in Less/Sass, and I love that it will refresh the browser when you’ve made an edit. Definitely a staple for developing. Available for Mac only.

6. Frank DeLoupe Color Picker

Frank De Loupe Color Picker

This color pickers lets you pick a color from anywhere on your screen, and once you select your color it will copy the hexcode to your clipboard and set it as your foreground color in Photoshop. Available for Mac only.

7. Integrity


An awesome link checker! It’s basically the Mac equivalent of Xenu but with a much nicer interface and it works on Mac (Xenu is Windows only). A second runner-up that is Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool. Available for Mac only.

8. Paparazzi!


Great for taking screenshots this lets you view screenshots in different sizes and lets you set presets. Available for Mac only.

9. Icon Slate

Icon Slate

Icon Slate makes it super easy to create favicons and iOS icons. All you have to is create one larger version of your icon and then drag and drop into the different sizes. Super easy especially since the different sizes, formats, etc. keep growing. Available for Mac only.

10. CodeBox


CodeBox is a great little app that allows me to organize all my coding snippets in one spot. Great place to store certain lines of code instead of having to remember what website you used it on. Available for Mac only.