Interaction Design For Entertainment

pinterest app school

This quarter I did a lot of mobile development. For my Interaction Design for Entertainment class I decided to design and develop a web-based iPad app for Pinterest. Seeing as there isn’t an app for it (it’s in development), I thought it would be neat to put together the interface I felt would make sense. Six Revisions had a great article, Designing Web Apps for the iPad, that I used as a resource to help guide me in the right direction.

Pinterest iPad App Concept

I used the same set-up as the Twitter for iPad app. While I tried to find a jQuery/AJAX/Javascript version of the overlapping effects they use, I was only able to find the actual interface as if I was building the app. Instead I used iScroll to help with the effects and layout. I didn’t get the same effect that I initially wanted, but it had a template to set it up in a similar layout, which was very handy.

This was my first web-based app, and it was definitely a lot more challenging than I expected it to be. The API was unavailable, so I had to manually add images, which is why some of the images repeat. Plus I learned that a lot of web features may work in the browser, but they either work differently or not at all in a tablet browser. Hopefully once the API is released I can make it work in the future.