Typography II – Hierarchy

Type 2 Final

gd2243 proces smanual I took Type II as an elective course in order to strengthen my typography skills, figuring there’s no such thing as too much education when it comes to typography. We did a few different typesetting projects, which have come in handy for other projects as a reference.

For our final project, we were to choose a band we knew nothing about and design a CD package for them. I chose Mumford & Sons as my band, as I had only seen them perform once on an awards show, and I had no idea who they were.

I documented the whole process, everything from the design brief to the final proofs. Probably the most challenging part was having to have the final done 3 weeks early, as in we were able to have 2 run-throughs before the final final to get all the problems worked out. And believe me there were all kinds of problems, but by week 11 everything worked out. Plus I got a new favorite band out of the whole project.

Type II Final Type II Final Type II Final Type II Final

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