A Mini Vacation in Yosemite


Yesterday Joshua and I came home from an overnight trip in the Yosemite area.

We spent all day Thursday in Mariposa, where I had meetings with my clients and Joshua looked after Tucker and Mr. Big. After my meetings, Joshua, myself, the dogs, and my coworker headed to the Tenaya Lodge for the night.

Mr. Big likes his accommodations at the Tenaya Lodge. #weeniewithaweenie #doxie #dachshund

We stayed in the ‘pet friendly wing’ at the Tenaya. They provided us with a complimentary bed, toy, water dish, and Greenies bone. We had access to a lawn for the doggies to do their business right outside our room. It was the first time we’ve stayed in a hotel with the dogs, and overall they did very well.

Yesterday after we checked out of the hotel we spent the afternoon in Yosemite. Our first stop was the Mariposa Grove.

Mariposa Grove

My coworker and I snapped a few photos and then got back in the car to head to the Valley. We were looking forward to taking the dogs around Yosemite, but unfortunately we found out quickly that because Mr. Big is under 20lbs he wasn’t allowed where dogs are normally allowed.

Tunnel View

Yosemite Falls

We drove throughout the valley for a little while and then headed home. Overall we had an awesome time, and despite not being on a cruise this week it was still nice to getaway for a day or two.

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Sounds like a nice simple quick vacation. And hey, at least you got paid for some of it! No, it wasn’t a cruise, but you got to spend time with your family and that’s the most important thing, imo 🙂

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