Family Vacation in San Simeon

Family Vacation in San Simeon

We headed off to the beach in San Simeon last week to spend some time with Joshua’s family. Our annual family vacation came early this year because we celebrated the 50th birthday of Joshua’s adopted father.

Our first night we partied on the hotel’s beach (Best Western Cavalier Oceanfront Resort) with extended family, enjoying homemade cioppino and reading heartfelt letters to the birthday man next to the firepit.

Here till Thursday. Goodbyeeeee! #familyvacation #beach #ocean #sansimeon

Birthday bash on the beach! Homemade cioppino by @robertbrullo was fantastic!

Tasty Snacks

The next day we met up with the whole family and visited the elephant seals at the Elephant Seal Vista Point. They’re on vacation too. 😉

Checking out the elephant seals! They're on vacation too. #sansimeon #familyvacation

Elephant Seals

We had lunch by the pool and hung out there for the afternoon until dinnertime. We spent that evening and the next couple evenings at William Randolph Hearst Memorial State Beach where we had dinner by the beach and played on the pier.

Walking down the pier. #familyvacation #dabeach #sansimeon

Spending some quality time with my niecey-poo! #familyvacation #notatwork #dabeach

The next few of days were filled with hanging at the pool, eating really good food, and exploring the beaches. Nights were spent watching the sun set and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves. It was the ideal vacation.

#dabeach #familyvacation #notatwork



Our final day we had lunch at San Simeon State Beach where we explored the tidepools and watched the seals and sea lions.

The Tidepools at San Simeon State Beach

The Tidepools at San Simeon State Beach

Sunbathing Seals

Family Exploring the Beach

We spent a few hours in San Luis Obispo to experience their Thursday Farmets Market, and then it was home sweet home!

Ice Cream in Downtown SLO