The Garage Reveal

The Garage Reveal #thelovelygeek

Back in November, I blogged about how Joshua was in the process of removing the ghetto linoleum in our garage. It was the first step in our ultimate goal of getting the garage finished.

Well, it turned out that job wasn’t so easy because of the kind of adhesive that was used. It was something Joshua couldn’t do alone, so he had our contractor come by and give him a quote for helping him finish the garage, which included getting the linoleum adhesive up.

Three months later, with the linoleum being the last item on the garage checklist, I am excited to reveal our finished garage.

Our Garage – Before

The Garage

The Garage The Garage The Garage

Those kitchen cabinets were passed on to my in-laws, and everything else either was donated or went to the dump. We started with a clean slate.

Our Garage – After

Finished Garage Finished Garage Finished Garage

The entire garage was insulated, sheet rocked, and painted. Now we have a third attic and tons of storage. I have easy access to all my holiday items, plus spots for extra storage of household items. All of this and we can fit two cars in!

Finished Garage

In a few weeks, Joshua’s 1985 Mercedes station wagon, the one we drove around in back we we were dating, will be coming home from a fresh paint job and have a spot in the garage right next to my Beetle.