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Under the kitchen sink organization


Under the Kitchen Sink

When we first moved into our rental home, we replaced the garbage disposal; however it had some overflow issues that we just never got around to fixing. The guy that did our shower was nice enough to get that fixed for us a couple days ago, but in the process some NASTY liquid debris made… Read more »

pantry jar labels from etsy


Dreaming of Pantries

I’ve been stumbling across some gorgeous pantries lately! I cannot wait until we have a house where I have a pantry in the kitchen. I know for my pantry I at least want a frosted glass door similar to this… As for inside of the pantry, these two make me drool… Photo from House of… Read more »

Updated photos of the kitchen


The Kitchen

This has been way overdue, but nevertheless here is the kitchen… Considering what I had to work with and what I could do, I have to say I am very pleased with how the kitchen turned out. I LOVE the wall color and how it brings out the cabinets. Plus, it looks pretty sharp with… Read more »

Kitchen all painted


We Are Almost Done!

I can safely say that at this point we’re 98% finished with the house. It is quite a relief to be saying that because with our previous duplex it never felt like we were finished; we just got discouraged and gave up. The remaining 2% includes putting up base-boarding and trim in the kitchen and… Read more »

The kitchen at Nana's house


Kitchen Dilemma

As of right now the only two rooms that need some TLC are the dining room and kitchen, while I’m fairly certain I know what I want to do with the dining room, I am having major issues with the kitchen. My first issue is a big one because whatever color/pattern/theme/etc. goes in the actual… Read more »

Green Hallway


Which Room Shall Go Green?

As I said previously, I want to incorporate green somewhere in my house. After doing some searching on Flickr I’m trying to decide if I want green in the hallway or the office room. The Hallway I figured the green would look good in the hallway since all the doors are all wood. It would… Read more »

The duplex in Larkspur, California



As I’ve been embarking on my painting adventure with the kitchen and bathroom, I’ve concluded I really hate the previous tenant aka Crazy Lady. Everything pretty much used to be the color I am now painting and the fact she ruined it with her bright aqua green and fading salmon pink just makes me mad…. Read more »