Wrapping up NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo #thelovelygeek

Well, today is the last day of NaBloPoMo, and I managed to crank out 27 out of 30 posts this month. Things got a little chaotic this week with moving into the new place and dealing with the old place, which is why I dropped the ball on a few posts. But hey! Not bad, right?

Here’s a look back on everything I blogged about this month:

  1. NaBloPoMo + Halloween 2017
  2. Officially Ours
  3. An Empty House Tour
  4. Planning the New House
  5. One Last Look: My Kitchen
  6. 7 and 13 Years
  7. One Last Look: My Office Room
  8. Why I Switched to Green Beauty
  9. My Favorite Podcasts
  10. Our Home Buying Process
  11. Easy and Yummy Homemade Salsa
  12. Week in Review | 11.5.2017
  13. Music Monday: A Playlist for Hawaii
  14. My Design Projects for 2017
  15. My 2017 Winter Skin Care Routine
  16. When it Comes to Giving Up Certain Foods
  17. My Top 10 Favorite Things of 2017
  18. Today Would Have Been My Due Date
  19. Week in Review | 11.12.2017
  20. Alohaʻoe i Hawaiʻi!
  21. Our First Full Day in Hawaii
  22. A Day at Pearl Harbor
  23. What I’m Thankful For
  24. Touring Kualoa Ranch
  25. Getting Our Disney Fix in Hawaii
  26. Finishing Out the Week in Hawaii