Week in Review | 9.4.2016

My Office #thelovelygeek #studio


Since I was prepping for launching the blog on Monday, I was working on cleaning up in the rooms I didn’t have photos of for the house tour section. In order to take photos, I needed to do some cleaning, organizing, and tackle projects that needed to be done.

I took a break to spend some time at the local lake with the family on Sunday, but for the most part I spent my weekend cleaning, organizing, and prepping for the blog launch.

I did get a lot done, and both my office and the guest room look fantastic. I’ll be updated those rooms on the house tour this week.

My studio. I've been working hard on Labor Day!

Clean and cozy and ready for when @daniloo comes home tomorrow.

I also got our anniversary dinner scheduled for Blue Bayou in November (you have to schedule these things way in advance), Joshua and I got all caught up with binge watching Silicon Valley.


I was suppose to be working on wireframes for two projects, but a particular sushi restaurant’s eblast and posters took up a lot of my time. Plus a theme job for a mortgage company that had been quiet for several months has now come back on my plate, so I was working on edits for that as well.


The big news is I launched the blog! YAY ACCOMPLISHMENTS! Been keeping an eye on things making a few bug fixes here and there. Keeping track of that stuff on GitHub.

Speaking of GitHub, I’ve been in the process of putting my old themes there so I have a backup of my code. Plus we’re doing a GitHub challenge at work where we have to do at least one commit a day, so this helps me practice. I missed one day (I had commits but didn’t make them) but we decided we got a free pass during the first month.

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Blue bayou! YUM. Please tell me you get the monte cristo!?! It’s the best!! Also the mint juleps!! Mmmm. How exciting.

I’ve never actually gotten the Monte Cristo, but that’s because every time we’ve gone there it’s been for dinner and the Monte Cristo isn’t on the dinner menu. I’ve also never tried the Mint Julep – my mom LOVES them though! I think I will try the Mint Julep when we go next month. 🙂

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