Week in Review | 9.25.2016

Mr. Big the Doxie turned 3!


Sunday night was week 2 of our Dave Ramsey class, and this week I was in charge of leading the class. We talked about being Nerds vs.Free Spirits and how that plays into creating a budget.

Monday we watched the Presidential debate and… yeah. I fear for the future of the United States.

Tuesday was Mr. Big’s 3rd birthday:

I also started working on my WordCamp slides this week. My goal for the following week is to get at least one slide done per day and be completely done before the 14th.


We’re in this lull in between projects and milestones, so I’ve actually been working on a lot of fun internal Three29 stuff. I wrapped up a new version of the homepage and portfolio page, worked on a few case studies/portfolio pieces, and started on an updated Contact page.

I also did some major wireframe edits for another client, and I worked on some poster/eblast updates for our sushi client.

I ended the week meeting with one of my old freelance clients to discuss some updates to her site, so that will be some nice work coming in on the side.


I took the plunge and upgraded my GitHub account, so I’ve been uploading past client projects via private repos all week. None of us have faltered on the GitHub challenge so far!

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