Week in Review | 9.18.2016

Joshua and I at Olivia's Baby Shower #thelovelygeek


On Sunday our Dave Ramsey class started back up again. I went to it alone because Joshua left for Long Beach for Mercedes training. I was a single gal throughout the week, but I was able to have some nice sister time with Dani.

I experimented with some food this week. I made a really yummy homemade BBQ Dipping Sauce, a delicious dish of BBQ Nachos, and a recipe for gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that I much happier with than the last batch I made.

Getting ready to make some #glutenfree chocolate chip cookies

I wrapped up the week by hanging out with my friend Ely on Friday night, and then following day Joshua and went to two baby showers!

One was for my former account manager from Three29, Jillian.

Yay @j.sitcler you look beautiful! So excited for you and your little one! Thank you for inviting me - sorry we couldn't stay. It's a popular day for baby showers.

And the second one was for Joshua’s step-sister, Olivia.

Finally got to wear our honeymoon #mouseears for @livymariee's Mickey Mouse themed baby shower! @joshua300td and I won best themed outfit and the diaper raffle!

Olivia’s shower was Mickey Mouse themed, so we were told to dress up for the costume contest. We won both the costume contest and the diaper raffle, and I came in 2nd place for the “Guess That Baby Song” game.


I mostly worked on internal stuff this week due to waiting for next steps from other clients. Couple things I worked on…

  • Designed a collapsed/sticky nav for credit union client
  • One of my coworkers is working on an AppleTV prototype. I helped by designing the icons and shelf screen for it. That was fun!
  • Presented round two of wireframes to our educational-related client
  • Worked on portfolio pieces for the T29 website


Didn’t do too much on the blog this week, but I still committed to GitHub! ๐Ÿ™‚

Since I am speaking at WordCamp in a month, I’ve been busy working on my talk. This week I finished my outline, so next step is to put my slides together followed by the corresponding blog post.

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Good luck with your talk! I have one in two weeks that I have really only brainstormed. Also, even small commits are progress ?

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