Week in Review | 9.11.2016

Tiffany & Co. glasses #thelovelygeek


Started the week at church where Joshua and I worked the Lifeskill’s table to promote Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and Smart Money Smart Kids. Had a nice breakfast with Joshua’s family during service as well.

Later in the day, I was hanging out with Joshua in the entertainment room when he was trying to show me some things on his computer screen. I couldn’t read them from where I was sitting. He said to me, concerned, “Um, Cristina you should be able to read those.” This led to a discussion about me getting an eye exam, something I haven’t had since I was a kid but had been considering recently. I promptly booked an appointment at the local mall’s Lenscrafters.

Through my exam I found out I have some nearsightedness and minor astigmatism. At the very minimum, I need to wear glasses when I drive at night and while I’m working (in front of the computer).

I came home with my very first pair of glasses, and to be honest, I love them! ?

New Glasses

New Glasses

Wearing them is like having everything in retina display. It’s crazy how blurry things were but I never noticed until I got glasses! Now everything is super clear. I’ve pretty much been wearing them all the time.


It was a very busy week at work. I finished up wireframes for a couple of clients, and worked on a handful of eblasts for our sushi client. The credit union site I designed went into build, so I was available for design support. I also met with a couple of my coworkers to discuss updating verbiage on the T29 website; we’re doing a little cleaning up so, it was pretty neat to get us all in a room together and see how passionate we all are for making a better site.


Continued committing to GitHub this week. I’ve been contemplating whether or not to get a paid account so I can create private repos for clients. I’m wondering if it’s worth it?

Fixed a couple bugs on the blog, got a few posts in the works, so I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things.

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