Week in Review | 6.12.2016

Site Design for OBO


On Sunday Joshua and I got to attend the soft opening for OBO’ Italian Table & Bar, one of my clients from Three29 whose site I designed.

Enjoying a delicious lunch at the soft opening for @oboitalian! Can't wait for their website to launch this week! The food is amazing! #three29 #glutensensitive #italian #sacproud

I had a delicious Goat Cheese & Pancetta gluten free pizza and a Blood Orange Margarita. It was delicious! On top of that, it was awesome seeing the restaurant come to together after staring at concepts in a branding guide for months while I designed the site.

Monday, Joshua and I went on a Pinkberry date after dinner at Palladio, something we haven’t done in a long time. I go to that shopping center all the time because of Whole Foods, but I haven’t been in the rest of the shopping center in some time because when we walked around we noticed a lot of new things. For example, Barnes & Noble Bookstore will be coming soon, which is awesome because ever since Borders closed its door we haven’t had a major bookstore nearby. It’ll be nice to have one closer to home again. Also, one of my favorite restaurants from downtown Sacramento, Petra Greek, is opening a second location in the same shopping center. Woo hoo!

I started watching Outlander this week on my lunch breaks, and I am officially addicted. I knew I would love the show before I started watching it, and now 10 episodes in I am hooked.

The fandom has been very welcoming too. 😊

Friday night my niece Renee came over and we got to take her to the El Dorado County Fair.

Renee having pizza and lemonade at the fair

Renee riding a pony named Smokey

She got to ride a pony and go on several other rides. We also got to meet up with my friend Abby and her boyfriend, my brother in-law Bobby and his wife Amber. We had a really good time!

Saturday I got a haircut, did some cooking, and went over to my parents’ house to celebrate Father’s Day. We had a lovely dinner on the deck, and my uncle and cousins were there to celebrate.

Enjoying some wine


This week was pretty awesome at work. For starters, I celebrated my one year anniversary at Three29 on Wednesday.

Celebrated my one year anniversary at @three29media today! Also got a new ! Hooray! So happy to be part of this amazing teamily! #three29

It also happened to be the same day my new computer was ready, so it was a great to end the day with both recognition for it being my anniversary as well as a shiny new retina iMac.

The next day, the site I designed for OBO’ launched. While I’ve had many sites go in live within the past year, this is the first one I designed from the ground up that launched, and I couldn’t be prouder.


Wrapped up the work week by having lunch there again with the whole team. This time I had the PLT (Pancetta, Lettuce, Tomato) on their gluten free bread, and it too was delicious!


I FINALLY finished importing all my past posts, which was a major task in itself! Now that’s over I’m working on finishing up the remainder of my content on other interior pages, and doing some tweaking of the design. I’m so close to being ready to push The Lovely Geek live – I can’t wait!


Have you read the outlander books? I read the first one but it was ages ago. I think I liked it. I’ve been intending to start the to show, but just haven’t got around to it. Instead I started supernatural and there are so many seasons to get through lol.

Congrats on 1 year at work, your site launch and your pretty new Mac!

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