Week in Review | 3.5.17

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On Sunday Mr. Big and I ventured to downtown Sacramento where I had lunch with two of my former classmates/colleagues, John and Jaclyn. We had brunch at Fox and Goose, and afterwards walked a couple blocks to get a sneak peek at our former instructor’s exhibition at Axis Gallery.

Later in the evening Joshua and I finally used our Studio Movie Grill passes we got for Christmas and saw Logan. It was a really fitting end to the era of Wolverine. The scenes of him taking care of Xavier were very relatable, and I’m glad this movie I got to have an R rating. It was really good!

I picked up my laptop on Tuesday, and it has a brand new wifi card. Since the replacement I haven’t had any of the connectivity problems I was experiencing before, so I truly think that was the culprit.

And to end the week, I finally got my haircut; haven’t cut it since November! The ends were all dry and broken, so I was well overdue for a trim.

Got my hair cut and styled by @jessica_styleshair today! Feels and looks great, as always!

After my haircut, Joshua and I checked out the RV and Boat Show at Cal Expo. Joshua wants to get an RV one day, so we had an afternoon of dreaming together. It’s a LONG way off compared to other priorities, but he and I were able to at least see what is out there.


As I mentioned last week, I had some very exciting new which I can now finally share! The site I designed for OBO’ Italian Table & Bar won a silver Addy award.

Vasile and I with our Addy Award

Photo is of my and the developer, Vasile posing with the award. Pretty cool to have won my first Addy!


I got a post up on my 30th Birthday this week, and I got my Galentine’s Day/Valentine’s Day post scheduled as well. Little by little trying to make some progress.

I’ve also been thinking about how I want to make some updates to this layout now that it’s been up for awhile. Changes won’t happen anytime soon, but I’m definitely brainstorming ideas.