Week in Review | 3.26.17


On Sunday I saw Beauty & the Beast again, this time with Dani and Mom. We saw an afternoon show in IMAX 3D. It was just as wonderful the second time as it was the first time, and both my mom and sister loved it.

During the week we got word that my grandpa’s health has continued to deteriorate more rapidly (he’s plateaued for awhile now) as he’s had little to no fluids or food for several days. At this point we’re entirely unsure if we’re even going to make it to his 99th birthday on the 21st, but who knows he could very well surprise us.

The week ended with me, Joshua, Danielle, and Adam all helping Dani move into her apartment on Saturday. We managed to get everything moved in one trip, and boy did we hustle! We were all so beat by the end of the day.

Dani and Danielle unpacking

The Living Room

We got everything done in one trip, and she was completely moved in by EOD Saturday. Her place is looking so good already!


My two big accomplishments of the week was that I presented the first round of design for the new Selland’s site, and I also worked on finishing up design round 2 for Ettore’s. Managed to squeeze in some other things here and there, plus another site I designed last year soft-launched; it’s still very buggy so I don’t want to bring attention to it quite yet. Overall it felt like a very productive week despite me being out sick for a couple days.


I came across this article, How to Add Medium’s Most Popular Features to WordPress, and decided to try out the Reading Time WP plugin since that’s one of the features I do like on Medium. So now you’ll see an estimated reading time above my posts.

I also updated my profile pic to one of the newer ones I took after I got my haircut a couple weeks ago. Since my picture on all my social media sites is from a year ago, I figured it was about time to update them.


I wish I could see it but the movie theater I went to closed and they were so cheap. So unless it’s something I truly want to see then it can wait like Beauty and the Beast. I still don’t see how it’s truly unique compared to the animated film.

They changed the story up slightly, but overall it’s pretty spot on with the animated film. If anything they do a really good job of filling in the plot-holes from the animated film.

I’m loving the new picture – the one I use on Twitter and as my Gravatar is from 2015! I will have to get Nick to take a new one, since I took a new one of him. 😉

Glad to hear Dani is all moved in, and that you moved all her stuff in one trip! I hope that when I move, we’ll only have to make one trip… I was hoping we could fit all our stuff in our cars, but we may need a van. LOL.

I need to see Beauty and the Beast some time soon!

When we moved Dani we filled up her car, our friend’s car, and Josh’s car + trailer. We lucked out with one trip but boy did she have a lot of stuff. If it weren’t for us she probably would have had to get a van, hah!

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