Week in Review | 3.19.17


This week I got my very first pair of Tieks! I read this review awhile back on them, and when she mentioned she was able to comfortably walk around in them in Disney World all day I was SOLD! I had them on my wishlist for quite some time, but I finally decided to jump in and order a pair.

Got my very first pair of #tieks yesterday! They came in the most adorable box with the sweetest note. And they are comfy AF! #tieksbygavrieli

They arrived in a super cute box along with a sweet handwritten note. I’ve been busy breaking them in, and so far they are comfortable.

On Friday night Joshua and I had a date night to see the new Power Rangers movie. Hands down my favorite movie of the year so far. It was everything I wanted from an origins movie and it had just enough nostalgia. Also most of the crowd in the theater were people our age so you know they were there to see how it measured up to the show of their childhood and share it with their kids. Even a handful of people dressed up, and we all cheered at the parts where the Rangers morphed. It was such an awesome experience. SEE THIS MOVIE!

The next day Dani and I ventured out to her new apartment so she could sign the final lease paperwork and do a walkthrough of the apartment. Naturally I took pictures. 😉

Living Room and Kitchen

Her Kitchen

Dining Nook

Pantry and Laundry Room


Linen Closet




She moves into her 1 bedroom 1 bath apartment next weekend. I have been assigned as Chief Decorator and Organizer. 😁


Very busy (and a little stressful) week at work. I finished design round 1 for Selland’s, presented first round of design for Ettore’s, met with a new client who owns a local toffee company, and finished both design and presented a theme to another client. Probably one of my most stressful weeks since everything was happening at the same time and similar priority. Luckily I got everything done in time and ended on a good note, but boy was it stressful at the beginning. #agencylife


The Spring ORC is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I’ve been seriously thinking about what I’m going to be doing for that. I decided on which room, so I started getting my blog post ready. Aside from that post, just taking it one week at a time.


I’m excited for Dani! And how lucky is she to have you as her decorator… she is going to be so stoked with the results, I’m sure, especially with your talent. 😉

When you mentioned a lot of people your age seeing the movie as well, I was taken back to some bands I have seen in concert, where the people were much older than me because I was very young when the band was in its prime. Pretty interesting!

I saw you post a photo of your Tieks and I was curious about them. In my opinion, just from the photo they don’t look too comfortable, and I’m pretty picky about flat shoes, but if they’re comfortable for you then that’s awesome. 😁 I guess I just have a general dislike for ballet flats because they are not very comfortable for me at all (I have high arches that really need their support). Hope they go the distance!

I’m excited for her too! Of course I am going to miss her, but she’s only going to be 10-15 minutes away.

I agree with you on the ballet flats. My feet are wide so I generally have issues wearing them because most flats are narrow. The Tieks seem to contour to your feet, so I’m pretty impressed with them so far.

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