Week in Review | 12.20.2015



Since it was Christmas week, I was busy getting ready for the holiday all week. I was mainly hustling to get all the fudge done as that was my last “gift” to tackle. My sister decided to make fudge for her friends and coworkers as well, so she took my recipe and did her own versions of it.

I had Christmas Eve off, so I spent all day cleaning the house, making fudge, and getting ready for the next day. First thing in the morning I had to go down to DMV to get my driver’s license renewed in person; the last several times I’ve renewed it through the mail, so this time I had to do it in person so they could have me do a vision test and take a new thumbprint and photo. Surprisingly I was in and out of there in 20 minutes, with an appointment of course.

The weather had been stormy off and on that day, and it was highly rumored we would have a white Christmas. While we didn’t get any snow, we got a ton of hail that took its sweet time melting, so it almost looked like snow. We also got a small tornado which is HIGHLY unusual for our area (we’re known for earthquakes here), so that was a little crazy!


Of course people blowed it way out of proportion (no pun intended).

We went to dinner and the candlelight service with Joshua’s family on Christmas Eve and spent Christmas morning with them followed by Christmas dinner for my family at my house. The day after Christmas my mom and I braved the mall to do returns/exchanges.


It was a short work week because of the holidays. I put out some eblasts, worked on a mood board and wireframes for Plum, had a kickoff meeting for a new Selland Family Restaurant, and a few other little things here and there.


I’ve put off The Lovely Geek site for a few months now, but as the year comes to a close I am ready to jump back on it and get fully moved over there in 2016. Expect to see some big changes coming soon!