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Week in Review | 11.5.2017

backyard at the new house


On Monday Joshua and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

When the story of our life together is written, it’ll be full of laughs, tears, and a lot of love. And you know what? I’ll be grateful for every chapter, every page, every word. Happy Anniversary!

We had a yummy dinner at The Melting Pot, and Joshua gifted me a gift card to my favorite spa, Hoshall’s. For him, I scheduled him a haircut and pedicure at a new place that opened up recently called Hammer & Nails. It’s basically a man-cave salon for dudes. He got to kick back in a leather chair while sipping whisky and watching tv while he got his services. Needless to say he plans on going back for his next haircut.

Throughout the rest of the week we were busy packing up our old house and doing stuff for the new house. Every day after work we’d pop on over to the new house to check the progress on the paint. Then we’d run errands, grab a bit to eat, come home, sleep, go to work and do it all over again. The good news is the painting is almost done, and we got a pool fence installed so the doggies won’t fall in.

We wrapped up the end of the week by getting to go over to Joshua’s parents’ house for dinner at their new house. Both them, us, and Joshua’s brother all went into escrow on our houses around the same time, so it’s been a pretty busy month for all of us.


This week a handful of us were assigned to read Donald Miller’s book Building a StoryBrand: Clarify Your Message So Customers Will Listen. I was very excited to read this book especially since I heard him talk about it on the Entreleadership podcast a couple years back. We’re using this book to help kind of redefine our brand, and I’m looking forward to the things we do as team in the coming year.


I managed to get a full week’s worth of posts under my belt for NaBloPoMo! In case you missed it here’s what I blogged about…