Week In Review | 11.22.2015

#SmallBusinessSaturday 2015 in Placerville, CA


It’s been a fun and busy Thanksgiving week! Tuesday night, Dani, Joshua and I went over to Joshua’s parents house for family dinner round one. We got to see his older adopted brother Stephen and my niece Renee.

Thursday morning I was up bright and early to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and get cooking. I started making all my food around 9am and didn’t completely finish until almost 3pm. It gave me just enough time to put my face on and head over to my parents house for Thanksgiving dinner.

Watching the parade and enjoying my Peppermint Mocha while taking a break from cooking. Happy Turkey Day!

Friday morning Dani and I braved the Black Friday madness and went to the mall; she had to go there to get her computer looked at. I did a little shopping for myself, and overall the crowds were not bad at all. The rest of Friday was spent bringing out the decorations for Christmas. In the evening Dani’s friend Danielle came over with her fiance Adam where the four of us (and eventually Dani when she got off work) watched both Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Saturday was with Joshua’s family for lunch, shopping in downtown Placerville followed by family dinner round two.

Shopping in downtown Placerville and supporting our local businesses! #smallbusinesssaturday #supportsmallbusiness


We had Thursday and Friday off for Thanksgiving, so this was a short week. Not a whole lot was going on as it was, so I busied myself with making “We’re closed for Thanksgiving” type eBlasts/graphics for ourselves as well as other clients.

And on Wednesday we wrapped up our “week” by celebrating our end of the month lunch at Cafeteria 15L. We just launched their site, so it was only fitting we celebrate there.


My final week of NaBloPoMo is complete! I already have tomorrow’s post scheduled which will be my very last for the month of November. ICYMI, here are the week’s posts:

#NaBloPoMo15 comes to a close tomorrow. I’m really proud of myself for cranking out the amount of posts that I did (missed only three). Till next year! 😉