Week In Review | 11.15.2015

Art Institute Field Trip


Friday night we saw The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. We spent all week getting ready for it by watching the other three movies.

I haven’t read the book since last year, but what I do remember from it the movie did it justice, so I was very happy with the movie overall.


On Monday we had some web design students from my alumni, The Art Institute of California – Sacramento, come by to check out our office and see what a real design agency is like.

Art Institute Field Trip

They all went around and asked us questions while we were working and got an inside scoop on what each of us does. If my teacher does this again next quarter hopefully we will be in our new office by then.


My third week of NaBloPoMo is complete! Only one more week and a couple of days until the end of the month! ICYMI, here are the posts I cranked out last week:

I missed one post this week due to being at the movies late and not having a post planned for that day. That brings my total to three missed posts for the month, which is not too bad compared to my previous years of doing this.