Week in Review | 1.17.2016

Studio Movie Grill Rocklin CA


#SisterSunday was so great! We slept in, relaxed at home, and around 3:30pm we headed up to Rocklin to the Studio Movie Grill to see The Hateful Eight (if you want to know what I thought of the movie you can read my review on Letterboxd).

#SisterSunday at the movies! Seeing The Hateful 8!

The Studio Movie Grill is where you can have a whole restaurant experience while watching a movie. When you purchase tickets for a movie there you reserve your seat, which was nice since we got delayed a little by the weather. After sitting down a waiter comes up and takes your order, and within 15-20 minutes the food arrives. You’d think it would interfere with the movie, but it really doesn’t. Our seats had both cupholders and little trays that popped to hold everything, and our tray included a service button should we need anything. Overall it was an awesome experience, and we definitely want to see more movies there!

I woke up with a sore throat on Sunday, so I spent the whole week trying to heal it and not get sick any further. On Wednesday my throat was so bad that nothing I did seem to help (sore throat tea, lozenges, spray, honey/lemon, hot toddy, etc.). I stopped at Target after work to get a new humidifier, and between that, putting Vicks VapoRub on my chest, and running my SpaMist Ultrasonic Diffuser with some eucalyptus oil, not only did I sleep better than I had all week, but it cured my sore throat right up.


Most of my time was spent researching other bank/credit union websites as part of my competitive technical audit for SAFE Credit Union and working on the wireframes/mood board for OBO’ Italian, an upcoming restaurant from the Selland Family Group.

On Friday we had our 2016 Vision Fest at Ella Dining Room and Bar where my boss did a presentation, sort of a “state of Three29” if you will. Discussed the vision for the company, changes that our happening, the status of our new office, and had an open discussion. I can’t reiterate enough how happy I am to be part of this company and team that is growing and has great vision for the future.


I did another A Day in the Life post this week, but did it a little differently than usual. Georgie, who hosts the linkup, had us write about it in the form of questions which I thought was fun and different.

My Smuggler’s Bounty box arrived this week, and I decided to film an unboxing video. I mentioned awhile back I wanted to start incorporating videos into my blog, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so.

I also started coding on Saturday! Yay progress!