Week in Review | 1.10.2016

Sneak peek of the new design for


Dani and I have started to refer to our Sundays as #SisterSunday where we go do something fun together whether it’s brunch, shopping, or the movies. Sunday is the only day during the week that we both have the day off, so it’s become our special little day. I took her and my mom to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After the movie we did a little shopping.

On Monday after work, we all went over to visit my grandpa and help my mom to disassemble his bed in preparation for his hospital bed. Because he is a so weak and frail, hospice care determined he needed a hospital bed that will help him in sitting up to drink/eat. We disassembled his old bed, put it in the garage, and then went out to dinner nearby until hospice care delivered the new bed. Whatever makes my grandpa comfortable in the end is all that matters.

Tuesday we went out for sushi, and then we made a stop at Target where I bought an ankle brace to help with some nerve pain I’ve been having in the back of my heel/ankle.

Wednesday I created a Facebook page for our church’s Financial Freedom Ministry. There was talk of doing that last year, but the people in charge had since moved on. I inquired about it a few days earlier and got the green light to moved forward with it.

On Friday I went to the doctor’s to figure out what’s going on with the heel/foot pain I’ve been experiencing for the past week and a half. It turns out I have acute Achilles Tendinitis, so I just have to relax and take ibuprofen; if it doesn’t improve, she gave me a referral to a physical therapist and we’ll go from there.

Saturday was spent mostly working on my design for At one point Joshua and I ventured out so he could get his haircut and I could get a pedicure with a gift card I got for Christmas. The massage portion of the pedicure really helped with my Achilles Tendinitis, especially since they did a hot stone massage. Clearly I just need to get more pedicures. 😉


Crazy busy work week! My previous Creative Director from Digital Gear, James, started at Three29 this week as our Senior Digital Producer. I am so, so happy to be working with him again! Because he started this week, he’s been in meetings and trainings the whole time.

We met with SAFE credit union this week as a sort of pre-kickoff-kickoff meeting, and we met with Plum to present wireframes and mood boards. Had some edits to the wireframes to do after the meeting as well as another version of my mood board.

I also found this awesome app called Iconjar which allows me to organize all the different icons sets I’ve accumulated during my time as a designer. It makes it easy to see what I have and quickly drag-and-drop it into a design comp.


I am so happy to report that I’ve finished the homepage design for! I buckled down this weekend and got it done, and I am so excited to show you all a preview:

The Lovely Geek homepage design on dribbble

I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’ll be taking time to work on the other pages this week. My goal is to start building by the beginning of February if not sooner.