Week in Review

February Week in Review

I’ve had a little writer’s block lately, so when I saw Dana’s weekly review post I thought this would be a great idea to get out of my blogging slump.


It’s been quiet and a little lonely at home this past week. Joshua left early Tuesday morning to fly to Alabama for Mercedes training and didn’t return until yesterday. In the evenings I hung out with the animals and finished up season seven of Gilmore Girls on Netflix.

I took the dogs to Doggie Day Camp at PetSmart on Tuesday, and overall they had a lot of fun. I was a little worried at first because Tucker has a bit of anxiety, so I had to carry him into the store; he doesn’t like getting groomed, so I think he thought I was taking him to get groomed. Once he realized he was there for playtime he got excited.

By the time I dropped them off again yesterday for boarding they were excited to be back, and I had no issues with Tucker. I’m thinking about taking them to Doggie Day Camp maybe once a week now. I’ll have to see how to fit it into the budget.


It was a short but productive week at the office. Monday was President’s Day, so no work for me. Tuesday I wrapped up the last of my stakeholder interviews for the research phase of one of the new projects I am working on.

I only had two meetings, so I was mostly able to focus on research. There have been a lot of changes at work in the last couple of months (new management and whatnot), so we’ve been working on new ways of doing things, one of which is spending more time in our research phase.

Yesterday we had off because we’re spending the weekend up at Bodega Bay for a company retreat. With all the changes happening we felt it was important to have a weekend retreat away from the office where we can come together and talk about the future of the company.


It’s a been about a year and a half since I’ve had my blog here at At the time I wanted to keep my blog and my web portfolio separate, especially if potential clients are Googling me.

As I’ve thought about the improvements I want to make on my blog I’ve found myself missing Lovely Geek as my overall identity. I’ve decided that I want to go back to that. It makes sense, especially since all my social handles are Lovely Geek – even this blog has been referred to as Lovely Geek.

So I’m happy to announce that in the next coming months I will be moving the blog over to, so expect some changes happening real soon. I’m excited!