Week in Review | 9.13.2015

September is PCOS Awareness Month #thelovelygeek


This week I had an appointment with my primary care doctor in regards to my acne. I’ve been meaning to get the ball rolling for awhile now with seeing my doctor and possibly getting referred to a dermatoligist, and since his office shares a space with a medical spa he opened, I figure it was worth a shot to start there. Based on my history and PCOS the best course of action is to put me on an oral antibiotic (Clindamycin) and go in for a couple of sessions of IPL. I also started a new skincare regimen by Mario Badescu so we’ll see how this all goes!

September is PCOS Awareness Month

I’ve also started eliminating gluten from my diet and have been gluten-free since the beginning of the month. After my PCOS diagnosis (which btw, September is PCOS Awareness Month), I explored this for a little while but missed my carbs too much, so I didn’t stay on it for long. I did, however, notice just how much happier my body was when I didn’t have gluten, so after months of feeling sick and not moving the needle on my symptoms, I’m back to it for good. Listening to this podcast interview really is what got me motivated.

Couple of resources/reference…


Did a couple different things this week, but one of the fun things I got to work on was creating the loading screen animation for the upcoming Swanson’s app. I took their doodle of their van and animated it. A few other things I worked on included a fall poster and a “Service Dogs Only” sign for Mikuni and a gift card email design for Team Ride.


Didn’t do much on the blog this week other than updating WordPress and plugins. Did the same on The Lovely Geek, but I managed to squeeze some design time as well. I also stumbled upon on The Lifestyle Collective which is a directory of lifestyle blogs, and its proven to be a great place for inspiration.