Week in Review | 8.23.2015



Bella is doing much better and continues to eat on her own daily, but in small amounts which I think has to do with the limitations of the feeding tube. Hoping her follow-up appointment next month will bring good news. Energy-wise, she is basically back to her old self, which is a really good sign.

On Tuesday we celebrated my mother in-law’s birthday, and on Thursday I had sushi with my friend Abby followed by Pinkberry with Dani, Joshua, and a couple of friends. And then Joshua and I ended the week with some facilitator training at church, celebrating my dad’s birthday and starting a new project at home, which I will blog about separately.

Enjoying a glass of wine and a nice view at my parents' house this evening to celebrate my dad's birthday.


Last week was a little slow at work, but I’ve been working on the website and app design for Swanson’s Cleaners and website for Capitol Morning Report. Have I mentioned how happy I am with my new job and the fact I just get to design? Because I am.


I finally got my mood board designed for The Lovely Geek!

the lovely geek moodboard

I’m really happy to be making some design progress.

With it being the end of the month I have a couple more posts prepared to pump out. I also started to participate in a new series this month called “My Favorite Things” in which I talk about a couple of my favorite things for that month whether it’s books, movies, music, products, and whatnot. It’s part of a blog linkup which I first saw on my friend Karen’s blog. Thought it would be a great way to talk about things that make me happy!