Week in Review | 7.19.2015


I started out last weekend by going to the 40th birthday bqq of my former Creative Director. I got to meet his brand new baby, Kimo, and his wife finally got to meet Mr. Big!

James's 40th Birthday

I would like to note that Mr. Big was very well-behaved around the baby, so it definitely gives me hope for the future, hehe.

Last weekend was also my niece Renee’s sixth birthday! Her mom and grandparents hosted a bbq at their house complete with a pool, craft station, and lots of good food!

Renee's Dress

Later in the day our good friends Adam and Danielle came over for a visit before heading back up to Reno. They recently became engaged and they asked both Joshua and I to be in their bridal party!

She asked, and I said yes! Honored to be your bridesmaid @daniellecmills! #bridesmaid #datwedding2016

@joshua300td left him hanging at first but agreed to be one of @adamtturnbull's groomsmen. #datwedding2016 #groomsmen #bromance

A couple of other life-related things:

  • I got my hair trimmed.
  • I only went to yoga once this week, but it was my 6am class, which I’m really proud of myself for getting up to exercise that early!
  • I saw Terminator Genisys, which I thought was really good and WAY better than Salvation!


When I wasn’t hustling to get things done for the upcoming site for The Kitchen I was working on my CAPMR wireframes. I digitized them, and they were presented to the client. Overall they really liked the direction I was going and were surprisingly very open-minded about the ideas I had, so I’m looking forward to moving into the design phase of the project.

Oh and Mikuni finally put the cover photo up I designed! Originally I had the Fair Oaks Roll, but the client wanted something different so what you see now is the final and approved result.


No love for The Lovely Geek this week other than some routine WordPress maintenance. I’m trying to work on adjusting my routine and making time at some point daily to work on the site so I avoid these “no progress” weeks.