Week in Review | 4.19.2015

Design for VIEDU's The Wire


On Sunday we celebrated my grandpa’s 97th birthday (his actual birthday was on Tuesday).

Happy 97th birthday to this guy. He cracks me up! He loves his chocolate though!

Every year we celebrate another birthday with him I am so grateful. It’s been rough for him health-wise these past several months, so I’m glad I got to eat chocolate cake with him again. 🙂


After being gone the previous week for vacation, I had a lot to catch up on in the office; however my accomplishment of the week is I got my design both finished and approved for The Wire!


I’ve still got a few more comps to do as well as updating my style guide, but I am so pleased with how this turned out and can’t wait to see it in build.


This week with The Lovely Geek, I set up sites for my portfolio and wedding: and I updated plugins and upgraded WordPress to 4.2 Powell, which came out on Thursday. I’ve also been working on some updated logo concepts for the new sites, which I’m really excited about.