Week In Review | 3.8.2015

New soil and irrigation in the backyard


Lots of progress happened on the backyard this week! Everything got pulled out, the dirt got tilled and now we have irrigation! Here’s a sneak peek:

New Soil in the Backyard

In other news, I’ve decided to give Blue Apron a try since I’ve been seeing posts about it all over the blogosphere. This particular post on The Nesting Place was what sold me because I could totally relate.

In case you’re wondering, Blue Apron is a service that sends all the ingredients for healthy, fresh meals portioned and ready to go; all you have to do is cook and eat! I’m hoping that this will help me enjoy cooking more since it does the hard part for me and gets me to try something new. I get my first delivery on Saturday – I’m excited!


Couple of tight deadlines had me working a few late nights at the office this week. We presented our research findings for one our projects on Wednesday, and although we missed the mark on a couple of things we gained some great insight about the project. I’m really happy with the changes our process is going through because I feel it is going to up the quality of our work a ton.


Progress this week on The Lovely Geek hasn’t changed much since last week. All I’ve managed to do is login to update plugins. I really need to get back to working on that if I want to launch in May.

As for this current blog, I’m trying not to let the distraction of a new blog in the works take away from this one. Doing these weekly reviews have definitely helped so I don’t become too quiet.

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Wow, that blue apron thing sounds so neat!! I’d love to hear how your first week went! Sounds simply fascinating. I doubt they have anything like it here. Very cool though!

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