Week in Review | 3.29.2015

cgasc splash page 2015


Monday we wrapped up our second round of teaching Financial Peace at our church. Joshua and I had full attendance for all nine weeks, and it was awesome to see everyone’s transformation during that time. Our next round is in September so we have a bit of a break until then.

Aside from that not a whole lot has been going on. We had a few visits from Joshua’s brother during the week, and then yesterday evening Dani and her friend Becca came up for the weekend.


cgasc splash page 2015

style guide

This week I finished my splash page design for this year’s CGA Strategic Conference. My Design Director is also having us create our style guides before we even go into design, so it has been helping a lot with streamlining the design process.


On The Lovely Geek, I created a custom post type for my House Tour section. The three places I’ve lived in are categories and the rooms are posts complete with custom fields for showcasing images, source lists and the like. Back when I was living at my Nana’s house (second rental), I acquired a lovely book called Homeowner’s Record Keeper. I really like how it organizes everything, so I’m using that as my inspiration for how I will layout the different rooms.

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