Week In Review | 11.8.2015

Meeting Elsa and Anna at Disneyland


Sunday night we finished up our third round of teaching Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Can’t believe we’ve officially been co-coordinating Dave Ramsey for a year now!

Later in the week we went on our anniversary trip to Disneyland with my sister, her friend Danielle, and Joshua’s dad and stepmom. We spent two days in the park and then came home yesterday.


I had a short work week due to going to Disneyland Thursday and Friday, so I had to haul booty this week to get stuff done. I solely worked on design round two of Eyefinity’s upcoming on-boarding site.

I cranked out an updated homepage + iPad and iPhone versions, five interior pages and a mobile interior page. Kara presented my designs on Thursday while I was away, so hopefully I will have some good feedback by the time we move into the final rounds of design next week.


Another week of NaBloPoMo is in the books! ICYMI, here are this week’s posts:

I missed three due to being in Disneyland; lesson learned, have posts ready to go before vacation!