The Last Couple of Weeks in Review

Chris Hogan's Retire Inspired Event

Hey! Sorry it’s been so quiet around here. This always seems to happen when I am busy working on a new site behind the scenes – I just get so focused on creating. Anyway, here’s a recap of the last couple weeks.


  • Celebrated my mom’s birthday by taking her to brunch at Mimi’s Cafe and going shopping.
  • Joshua and I saw Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired Live event up in Roseville. We went with Joshua’s dad and stepmom, and it was a lot of fun!
    Excited to see @chrishogan360 and @kenwcoleman ! #retireinspired
  • That sore throat I had the last time I updated you? Well, it healed up but then came back in the form of a cold. I was sick with a cold starting on Joshua’s birthday (Jan 30th) all the way through Feb 5th. I was miserable.
  • On Joshua’s birthday weekend, we had joint celebrations with our family and friends. On his actual birthday we went to Cattlemen’s for dinner with his parents and my parents, and the next day we had a brunch at BJ’s with Dani and our friends. As fun as it all was, my cold was in full swing those two days, so I spent the weekend in bed and literally only came out for those two meals.
  • We started our Dave Ramsey class back up again. They’re on Monday nights this time around.
  • My birthday weekend started on Friday the 5th where Joshua and I went out of town for one night. We stayed at the Jack London Lodge; it was part of a groupon gift we got from Joshua’s brother for Christmas. We came home on Saturday and then later in the evening we went to Melting Pot for my birthday dinner. We would have gone on my actual birthday, but this year my birthday fell on Superbowl Sunday so Melting Pot was closed.
    And now we dine! #birthdayweekend #adultbeverages
  • On my actual birthday, I went to LowBrau with Joshua, Dani, and my mom followed by seeing Disney’s The Little Mermaid musical.
    Can't get any better than seeing my favorite movie-turned-musical on my birthday! The kid in me is beyond stoked! #mermaidsandmusicals #thelittlemermaid #sacmusicals
  • I signed up for Stitch Fix! It’s an awesome monthly service where you get sent an outfit and you simply pay for what you want and return what you don’t. You get a personal stylist who’ll pick out your outfits based on how you fill out your stylist profile. You can set your budget, leave notes for your stylist, even a link to a Pinterest board for inspiration. It’s great for those of us who aren’t super successful at clothes shopping, such as myself. If you’d like to check it out for yourself use my referral code and click here.


Work has definitely picked up! I started design on Plum and design round 2 of OBO’ as well as a bunch of little things here and there.


As I mentioned, my lame (or not-so-lame) excuse from my blogging absence has been due to my focus on building out my new site. The homepage is all finished as well most of the interior pages. All I have left are any specialty pages. After that comes the fun part of importing and overhauling all my content.


Good luck building your new website! Also, you keep subtly reminding me that I need to see more musicals. Aladdin is coming to Sydney this year and I saw the trailers… it looks so good. I’m also going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when I visit London! πŸ™‚

Oh wow I didn’t even know there was a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory musical! Does it use songs from the movie or is it completely original? I’m curious now!

I think it includes both. I love the original movie and the songs, I have read a lot of reviews and most of them said the songs were a mix. I also considered watching Matilda the musical as I loved the movie but I heard that the songs were really lacklustre. Nonetheless I am keen to see more musicals!

i hate being ill, especially when it stops me from doing things. At least you’re better now though.

I want to see The Little Mermaid musical! I haven’t been to the theatre in a few years now – I wanna go again!

Feeling better, but have a lingering cough from it all. At least I took the time to rest from it all! πŸ™‚

If you can go see the musical, I definitely recommend it. Super cute! It will make your heart happy!

I am honestly surprised that they close a whole restaurant down just because of sports game. Crazy. Good you went the night before. It really sucks being sick for so long, but I’m glad you’re feeling better now. Happy belated birthday.

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