Show Us Your Life: What’s your typical day like?

Design Homework

I feel kind of late in the game doing this, especially since my schedule is only going to be like this for the next two weeks; then after Easter I’m getting a brand new set of classes thus a different schedule.

I saw this on Holly’s site and thought it would be fun to do, especially since the Friday Fives today aren’t all that impressive.

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Monday – Mondays are my free day. By free I have no classes, but usually I’m using this day to catch up on homework and any errands. Mainly this day is for homework because I get 100% peace and quiet. Plus my homework usually takes all day. I have about 6 hours of homework per class.

Tuesday – I’m up by 6am so I can be fed and dressed by 7:15am. Then I get to play the morning commute traffic game all the way to school. My Fundamentals of Design class is from 8am-11:50am, so I’m home a little after 12pm. After that I eat lunch, go on the computer, and catch up on any homework that is due for Wednesday.

Wednesday – Basically is the same routine as Tuesday except I go to my Color Theory class instead of Design. At 4pm I leave for my Weight Watchers meeting.

Thursday – I spend the morning cleaning the house, doing laundry, and working on web projects until it’s time for me to leave at 12:30pm. I have my Introduction to Programming class from 1-4:50pm so by the time I get home it’s time for dinner! After dinner I’m usually working on my drawings for my drawing class since it’s my least favorite class, and I always procrastinate on that homework, haha.

Friday – Again, I try to get anything done around the house I can and then it’s Observational Drawing from 1-4:50pm. I come home, relax, wait for Joshua to get home, and then we meet up with all of our friends for our weekly sushi adventures!

Saturday – Joshua goes up to help his dad at his shop so I’m home by myself for most of Saturday. Unless I have some serious work to do on projects for school, this is usually the day where I try to crack down as much as I can on my web projects. Currently I have 5 pending projects. Oy. Joshua comes home around dinner time, and we normally order pizza for dinner.

Sunday – We go to service with Joshua’s family from 11:30am-12:30pm and then go out to lunch. After service Joshua and I either run errands or come home to do stuff around the house.

So there you have it – a peak into my busy schedule!