Reflecting on NaBloPoMo

NaBloPoMo #thelovelygeek

Today is the last day of November and thus the end of NaBloPoMo. Did I blog every single day for a whole month? No, and here’s why.

From the 7th through the 10th we were in Anaheim for our anniversary vacation. The hotel we stayed at required us to pay if we wanted wi-fi, so I didn’t have internet access. While I could have technically blogged on my iPad, I was very limited by the WordPress app. Once we got back I kept on blogging like nothing ever happened.

Then, we got a puppy. Our first week with Mr. Big caused us to get very little sleep; it was like being up all night with a newborn. After that all my posts were about updates on the puppy. It was hard to blog about much else, and I soon felt like I was putting quantity over quality.

What I ended up realizing was in order to produce content every day for a month I ended up doing a lot of personal/lifestyle blogging. Sure there have been plenty of things going on with the house this month, but not every single day. And considering how exhausted we are from getting adjusted to a routine with Mr. Big, we’ve had plenty of evenings where we come home from work and just relax.

I know that this can be seen as simply a couple paragraphs of excuses as to why, and I know you shouldn’t apologize for not blogging. Instead, I’m looking at it as a learning experience. It’s helped me figure out what I want to do next with a domain I recently purchased.

I gave up personal blogging a couple years ago hoping it would repair the damage with a few relationships. It didn’t (at least it doesn’t seem like it has), and in the long run I feel like I’ve been suppressing something I really enjoy doing. With Lovely Interiors I set out to blog about my interior design adventures, but LIFE crept in as well.

With that said, starting next year I will be moving to, my lifestyle blog where I’ll basically be blogging about everything there I’ve been blogging about here and then some. Stay tuned!

NaBloPoMo 2013

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I think you did an fantastic job with your blogging in November. It’s just nice to read anything. Well I am very happy that you have decided to come back to the personal blogging world. I think it’s awesome that you will blog about everything and anything you want. I am sorry you weren’t able to repair your relationships, but here’s to a new start now!

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