Saw this on my friend Holly’s blog and thought this would be a fun way to look forward to Fridays again (having a Friday Astronomy class is not my idea of a good time, hah) and to blog on a regular basis. Plus, I just started the #FebPhotoADay challenge over at Fat Mum Slim, so I’ll definitely have some pictures to share.

life rearranged

Day 2 - "Words" #febphotoaday Day 1 - "Your View Today" #febphotoaday
I'm trying! I always look forward to my annual birthday coupon from Anthropologie. Every year it's something unique and lovely.
  1. #FebPhotoADay Challenge Day 2 – Words
  2. #FebPhotoADay Challenge Day 1 – My View for the Day (yes, that’s a slightly new set-up at my desk)
  3. My fortune cookie fortune
  4. Birthday coupon from Anthropologie


Omg, awesome challenge! I have to sign up to get an Anthro coupon too, oooo… did you get the egg thing? πŸ˜€

Not yet, I haven’t had a chance to go to my nearest Anthro. Probably gonna get the egg thingy sometime this weekend, hehe.

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