New curtains for my home office. #zgallerie #eames #mac #apple #starwars #midcenturymodern New Cooktop
Izzie and Tucker watching as a squirrel on our deck helps himself to a bag of bird food. Something fun showed up from Anthropologie today!
  1. I got some new curtains for my office from ZGallerie last night! I loved the chevron ones from Etsy, but the fact they just weren’t wide enough really bothered me. I also got 90% of the trim painted in the office.
  2. Joshua installed our new cooktop on Wednesday. It took about 17 minutes to boil a 4 quart versus 45 minutes on our old gas cooktop. I am VERY happy!
  3. On Monday Izzie and Tucker spent 3 hours watching a squirrel tear into a bag of bird food on the back deck. Too funny!
  4. My zinc letters from Anthropologie arrived on Valentine’s Day. I ordered “J & C” for my relationship timeline wall.