My in-laws are celebrating my birthday, Joshua's birthday and Christopher's birthday today! Day 21 - "A fave photo of myself" #febphotoaday
Adobe. Day 24 - "Inside my bathroom cabinet" #febphotoaday
  1. Sunday my birthday, my husband’s birthday, and my brother in-law’s birthday were celebrated together with family. We had the most amazing meal that consisted of bacon-wrapper shrimp, BBQ steak, baked potatoes, Caesar salad, homemade rolls, red wine, followed by chocolate cake and cookies-and-cream ice cream for dessert.
  2. #FebPhotoADay Challenge Day 21 “A Favorite Photo of Myself” – My love for Star Wars began in second grade however it wasn’t until fourth grade that I dressed up as Princess Leia for Halloween.
  3. Today I went on a field trip with my fellow classmates from the Web Design & Interactive Media department to visit Adobe. Total geek out! Went home with some top-secret swag!
  4. #FebPhotoADay Challenge Day 24 “Inside My Bathroom Cabinet” – Guests don’t get to take a peak in this cabinet as it’s located in our master bathroom. Joshua gets the far left side, but he also gets the entire cabinet in the guest bathroom. I get the middle and right side, but I also get the vanity, hehe.


Hehehe I love the photo of you dressed up for Halloween, and bacon wrapped shrimp sounds amazing. 🙂

Ohh that meal sounds so delicious, YUM! :9 And so cool that you got to visit Adobe, what an awesome experience! 😀

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