A Day in the Life: December 2015


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  1. Liz says:

    A FitBit is (and has been) on my wishlist since Big Brother 16, when the houseguests had to use them to 1) be a promotional thing (from what I assumed) and 2) make the houseguests stop sitting and sleeping around and actually get up and be active throughout the house, because they were all pretty lazy, lazing about the house. The live feeds were boring for a while. I haven’t kept up with other seasons (I only watched because of Frankie Grande).

    How does the silent alarm one work? Because I looked at that one for a while and really considered it; my phone alarm, as well as others, get to be rather alarming in a negative sense and don’t wake me peacefully.

    Thanks for sharing your day! 🙂 5:45am is a really early time to wake at. 😡

    • I have the FitBit Flex which you wear around your wrist, so the silent alarm is just short pulses of vibrations. I use it as my “snooze button” ;). If you’re looking to get started with a FitBit, I’d recommend that one.

  2. Kristine says:

    Your last photo reminded me of SMORES! num! Sounds like your day was fun despite it being a work day. 😀