A Day in the Life: December 2015

Joshua and I on Dani's birthday

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December 15, 2015

5:30am – Joshua’s alarm goes off. I barely hear it and continue sleeping.

5:45am – The silent alarm on my FitBit goes off. I really have to pee and it’s freezing, so I bolt out of bed, turn up the whole house heater, use the bathroom, and dart back into bed for another 15 minutes to cuddle with Izzie and Mr. Big.

Morning snuggles and cuddles with Mr. Big and Izzie

6:00am – After checking my phone and cuddling with the animals, I finally get out of bed and start getting ready for the day. I make the bed, do my skincare routine and start on my makeup.

6:40am – Joshua kisses me goodbye and leaves for work. I finish my makeup, curl my hair, and take a selfie in my Star Wars shirt of the day.

We have cookies! 2 days till #starwars!

7:15am – I grab my coffee and my protein bar and head to work! I’ve been leaving the house about an hour earlier in order to avoid traffic and therefore get off work earlier. Traffic is a little heavier than usual despite leaving early, but I manage to get to work in about 30 minutes. I talk to my mom on the phone to pass the time; we discuss plans for my sister’s birthday.

7:45am – Arrive at work – first one there! I open the blinds, turn the heaters on, make a cup of tea and get started on my day. I chat with my project manager who arrives a few minutes after I do, and I start working on my Friday Finds blog post. I go back and forth between working on my blog post and the design for a new project.

12:00pm – Lunch time – leftover pizza and Kombucha Cola. I eat my lunch and watch a couple episodes of The Office on Netflix. I’m on season 7 right now. I’ve never seen the show before so I’ve been watching it on my lunch breaks for the past couple of months. I also watch MissLizHeart’s Winter Skin Care Routine, and next thing I know I’m on Paula’s Choice’s website seeing if I need anything.

1:00pm – Back to work!

4:45pm – After spending the afternoon working on the design for NAB, I pack up and head home. The work day is done!

5:30pm – I arrive home. I chat with my sister about her day; it’s her birthday so she went to the spa earlier in the day. I also finish up wrapping the last of my Christmas presents. I’m literally waiting on one more thing to arrive in the mail, and then I can call my Christmas gift wrapping complete.

6:30pm – Joshua comes home from work.

7:00pm – Dani’s friend Jackie comes over because she’s carpooling with us up to Dave & Buster’s for Dani’s birthday celebration. After she opens her Christmas present from me and we all take a “birthday shot” of tequila (minus Joshua), we all pile into the car and head up to Dave & Busters.

8:00pm – We arrive at Dave & Busters. We get seated, order drinks, and start the party! A handful of Dani’s trickle in the next 30 minutes. We order food, play games, open presents, and have a good time!

Joshua and I on Dani's birthday

Fondue dessert at Dave & Busters

10:45pm – We say our goodbyes and head home.

Midnight – I’m showered and finally crawl into bed. Goodnight!


A FitBit is (and has been) on my wishlist since Big Brother 16, when the houseguests had to use them to 1) be a promotional thing (from what I assumed) and 2) make the houseguests stop sitting and sleeping around and actually get up and be active throughout the house, because they were all pretty lazy, lazing about the house. The live feeds were boring for a while. I haven’t kept up with other seasons (I only watched because of Frankie Grande).

How does the silent alarm one work? Because I looked at that one for a while and really considered it; my phone alarm, as well as others, get to be rather alarming in a negative sense and don’t wake me peacefully.

Thanks for sharing your day! 🙂 5:45am is a really early time to wake at. 😡

I have the FitBit Flex which you wear around your wrist, so the silent alarm is just short pulses of vibrations. I use it as my “snooze button” ;). If you’re looking to get started with a FitBit, I’d recommend that one.

Your last photo reminded me of SMORES! num! Sounds like your day was fun despite it being a work day. 😀

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