A Day in the Life: April 2016

A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life is a monthly linkup where bloggers document their daily life on a designated day each month to show what a typical day is like. Head over to Hey Georgie to participate!

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What was one thing you did this morning?

I took my BBT (Basal Body Temperature). Now that I am on medication that will help with my PCOS symptoms and get me ovulating again, I need to be better about tracking things like my BBT. In case you’re wondering, I use the app Glow to track all the female things. πŸ˜‰

What was one thing you achieved today?

I got a bunch of wireframes done in time for a 1:30pm meeting. I was on a tight deadline and wasn’t sure I’d be able to get it all done; not only did I get them all done, but I managed to squeeze a couple extras in. Oh and the client ended up being happy with the direction, so yay!

What was something you were not impressed with?

The phone holder thingamajig Joshua got for his car. First he got one that was suppose to clip to his AC vent, and that ended up not working so he returned it. The second one he got had a suction cup that supposedly you could put anywhere but it only worked on his windshield. Yeah, not impressed.

What were you doing at 4:25pm?

I was in the middle of trying to style a Gravity Form on a template site I’m doing work on. Thank God for the Chrome inspector and CSS Targeting Samples.

How was the weather?

It was so warm! It felt like summer! I had to use the Nest app to turn the AC before I got home.

What will you do before you go to bed?

My night time routine which includes taking a shower, PM skin care routine, brushing my teeth, and taking my PM vitamins.

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What four things made you happy today?

  1. The excellent customer service I’ve been receiving from Stitch Fix. My shoes from last month’s fix had some problems, and they’ve been working with me to get them exchanged. If you want to check out Stitch Fix use my referral code! πŸ™‚
  2. Woke up to see my skin the clearest it’s been in a really long time.
  3. I got my workload in a really good spot. First day in a long time I was able to leave the office before 6pm and feel good about how my work was going. It’s been crazy busy at work, so I’ve been having a lot of long, jam-packed days. It’s a good problem to have though, trust me.
  4. Joshua and I had a mini mid-week date. We went to Chili’s for dinner and did a little driving around afterwards. It was really nice!


Cristina, I had no idea you had PCOS! I was also diagnosed with PCOS in 2010 and have had my ups and downs with it because of my health and dietary choices. Fortunately for us PCOS ladies, there is plenty of hope with lifestyle changes. I read on one of your previous entries that you are starting on Metformin, right? In case you are not familiar, be sure to supplement with Vitamin B12 as Metformin can deplete your body’s B12 easily. Sublingual tablets with methylcobalamin will be enough to keep your B12 at a decent level. Wish you the best on your PCOS journey. <3 And with hard work and diligence, your fertility shall improve.

Yup, been on Metformin for two weeks now. Good thing to know about the B12 as I’ve been on a B12 supplement for about a year now. Thank you so much for your kind words, Kristine! <3

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