Cure Diaries: Week 1

Cure Diaries Week 1 #thejanuarycure

With January Cure starting last week I had a couple more assignments to wrap up by the weekend.

First was to get my outbox setup aka our donation pile. I managed to clear out one of our big boxes which works perfectly as our outbox.

The Outbox

I already had stuff that needed to go in it, so it was nice to finally have a dedicated spot for it.

My weekend assignment was to get fresh flowers and clean the floors. I picked up my fresh flowers on Saturday at Whole Foods when I did my grocery shopping for the week.

Fresh Flowers in the Kitchen

Then on Sunday I vacuumed the floors. I only needed to do the downstairs because upstairs we have the Roomba, and its been doing a great job keeping the floors clean up there.

The Dining Room

It was really nice to get everything all tidied up, especially since I got all the Christmas and New Year’s decorations put away! I even finished the weekend with enough time to do a little shopping with my sis – a great way to wrap up the week!