Cure Diaries: A Recap of The January Cure

I’m way overdue for a recap, especially since I failed to do one last year. While I didn’t complete every assignment, I did get a lot accomplished (way more than last year), and I have plans for the upcoming months. Based on my list of projects, here’s what I accomplished during The January Cure.

The Entryway

I took the hooks down since they were coming out of the wall and sadly unusable at that point. We have really weak sheet-rock and despite using anchors, hooks on the wall aren’t working for this space. We spackled up and painted over the holes where the hooks used to be. I decided we’re going to get a standing coat rack and a bench instead. I’ve got my eye on a cute coat rack on Wayfair that I’m currently waiting to come back in stock.

The Living Room

Enjoying our stylish new rug from @wayfair in our living room! #homedecor #wayfairathome #cozyhome

We spackled and painted over the piece of wall I damaged with my Christmas stockings (oops), and I managed to touch-up paint a few other places as well. We didn’t put a shelf up, but we do have a charging station in the form of a power cord that’s hidden by the sofa pillows.

We didn’t get our rug until this month technically (wasn’t in January’s budget), but the decision was made so that when February came we were able to order it as soon as we got our paychecks.

We moved the scratching post out of the living room when we had our New Year’s party and haven’t moved it back since. I decided that corner is perfect for a lamp, so next on my to-do list is to get a lamp. We got a few Amazon gift cards for our birthdays, so we’ll be putting them towards a new lamp.

The Kitchen

My clean kitchen!

I spent a whole day cleaning my kitchen. I cleaned my kitchen so hard that my feet hurt by the end of the night. Joshua and Dani can totally back my up on this one! My feet hurt so bad from being on them all day, but let me tell you my kitchen was clean AF.

Breakfast Nook

Joshua also set up my iPad swivel holder I got from Amazon. It’s nice to have a spot for it where it won’t get dirty or in the way while cooking.

My clean kitchen!

Our coffee cart now also has all protein shake stuff on it including the blender.

Coffee Cart

Since the plan is to get a barn door for the laundry room, we may or may not have to relocate the coffee cart. Won’t really know until that gets installed.

The Master Bedroom

Not only did the bedroom get a thorough cleaning, but we also got a new rug! Everything was was cleaned: the bedding, the bed itself, the surfaces, my vanity (inside and out), windows, and floor. I can’t tell you how nice it was to sleep in such a cozy room Sunday night!

Cozy and clean bedroom! Who knew a rug could make such a difference? #thejanuarycure #apartmenttherapy #bedroomdecor #orlakiely

The She Shed

For my birthday my in-laws got me the adorable Crane Fireplace Heater from my wishlist. It’s nice and cozy in there now!

It's toasty in the #sheshed thanks to the lovely @crane_usa heater my in-laws got me for my birthday!

I also finally got around to cleaning up from the holidays since the shed was acting as Santa’s Workshop during the month of December. I still have more decorating and organizing to do, especially since I plan on doing some kind of gift-wrapping station in there. Come Spring the goal is to get the shed done and get some updated pictures!

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Love the little additions to your home! The iPad stand is certainly a good idea.

I love the idea of rugs. I always dream of a very good rug when I get my own place. Something nice and cosy that I can feel it all nice on my feet and also lie down on it! 😆

Great job on cleaning your kitchen, superwoman!

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