A Day in the Life: February 2016


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  1. Georgie says:

    Smart move to avoid the crowds on Valentine’s Day 😀 Nick and I have spent a lot of money preparing our trip to Europe later in the year, so thought we would give ‘formal’ celebrations a miss. Everything gets doubled in price on Valentine’s Day which is ridiculous and unfair!

    I should consider myself lucky because we don’t have casual Fridays – we can dress however we like! I like to dress up, though, so either way, casual Friday wouldn’t be a great advantage or celebration for me. 😛 In fact, at my old workplace I did Formal Fridays with my friend as a joke, and we dressed up a lot more formally than we usually did!

    Your sister’s message gave me a good laugh. 😀

    Thank you for participating in A Day in the Life!

  2. Liz says:

    I’m a lightweight, so a few ounces of anything alcoholic can make me a little tipsy. :s I’ve not sent anything like your sister’s text, but I’ve sent messages to my first (and currently an ex) boyfriend’s older bro, asking him something along the lines of, “See how Andrew feels about me; ask him if he still has feelings for me pleaseee.” At least I don’t have Andrew’s number? XD

    Avoiding the V-Day traffic makes sense; a lot of my friends go out on Valentine’s Day and always complain about the crowds and all that jazz. >.<