Partial Entertainment Room Reveal

Style Cure 2013 #thelovelygeek #stylecure

Joshua and I got pretty busy with last month’s August Cure. We took a huge leap and decided to tackle the one room that hadn’t got a whole lot of love since we moved in: the entertainment room.


Entertainment Room Entertainment Room The Entertainment Room The Entertainment Room Bye bye ugly fan!


A new fan! Orange and Green The Entertainment Room

While the room still isn’t finished yet, we feel like we’ve made a lot more progress on it since we’ve moved in (almost a year ago!). One corner of the room is dedicated solely as Joshua’s office while the other corner is a home a gym.

We still have plans to add an elliptical machine, some shelving, our old IKEA sofa (we’re bringing it home from my grandparents this weekend), and a TV. Of course some of those items aren’t in our budget right now, so we’ll have to tackle it as it comes.