Our Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day at Loon Lake

Had a crazy fun Labor Day weekend. Started it off by going down to the bay area with my sister to visit my grandpa (Mom was down there too). Since my grandma has been gone, my grandpa (who’s the complete opposite of my grandma when it comes to “stuff”) has been anxious for us to get rid of the majority of stuff he doesn’t care about. Basically as long as the man can have his tv, piano, chairs, pictures, desk, and bed, he doesn’t care about anything else.

We spent the whole time going through all the valuables in my grandma’s various hiding places. It was quite an adventure considering the stuff we found (hence Dani’s comment about being so excited, haha). It was like going on a treasure hunt. Amongst what we found was old jewelry; I swear she had jewelry in almost every birthstone. I found a beautiful aquamarine necklace and matching earrings which I am going to wear for my wedding.

Going through my grandma's expensive jewelry and found the jewelry I'm going wear for my wedding.

Sunday evening Dani and I came home, and then later on Bobby and Amber came by for a visit with their new puppy Hailey. We sat out on the back patio, and while it was fun watching Tucker and Hailey play, I unfortunately got bit several places on my legs by which I believe was a spider.

The next day (Labor Day) we headed up to Union Valley Reservoir with Joshua’s family and Amber’s family. When we got there we were told the campgrounds were closed :wtf: so we ended up going up to Loon Lake.

Labor Day at Loon Lake

Labor Day at Loon Lake

Labor Day at Loon Lake

We had a great day playing at the lake and eating good food. Tucker had a lot of fun playing with Hailey and running around in the water. The only thing bittersweet about the whole day is I could feel the last of summer slipping away. Today I noticed it getting darker a lil earlier than normal and a bit cooler. Fall is just around the corner.

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