ORC Week 6: The Guest Room Reveal

Guest Room Reveal #oneroomchallenge #thelovelygeek

Today’s the day! After six weeks of working my booty off, we have a guest room! I would have done the reveal on Thursday, but the soonest West Elm could deliver the daybed was yesterday. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Oh well, you do what you can!

This room has been many things over the past year. It’s been storage for nursery furniture, a playroom for when my niece would visit, an extra guest room when I’ve had multiple family members staying with us, and a temporary room for my sister when she was transitioning from here to San Diego.

This little room has come a long way in such a short amount of time, and I’m quite relieved that we finally have a dedicated guest room. I’m also thrilled that I got the nursery furniture painted because that’s been a huge to-do before TTC again.

A quick recap before we get into the good stuff… here’s a look at how the space was when we first moved in:

Bedroom #1 Bedroom #1 Bedroom #1

A fresh coat of paint did wonders for this space, but it still wasn’t getting much use beyond storage and an occasional guest/playroom.

Spare bedroom Spare Bedroom

The challenge: how do you design a guest room and incorporate furniture that will one day (hopefully) become a nursery? This is how:

Guest Room Reveal Guest room reveal Guest Room Reveal

Everything on my to-do list for this room was checked off. The trim was fixed (to the best of our ability), the furniture repainted, getting a bed, and the fun part: decorating.

Guest room essentials

This dresser will one day function as a changing table, but for now, it contains guest amenities. I designed a cute little wifi sign and put together a basket of towels and toiletries. I have a tendency to hoard hotel toiletries 🙈, and now I have a reason to use them. 😆

Guest room reveal

The artwork above the bed consists of two free prints and my Kingdom of Cute print that I picked up from Disneyland back in April.

Guest room reveal

On the nightstand is an adorable lamp from Target and the base doubles as a nightlight. I may or may not have picked this up from the baby section. 👀 There’s also a small alarm clock that has a USB port so guests can charge their phone.

Guest Room Reveal

The wardrobe is empty for now, but I’m probably going to store some of my toys and dolls in there for when my niece comes over to play.

Guest Room Reveal

I LOVE how the wardrobe turned out, and I’m so happy with being able to add new legs in addition to the paint job!

Guest room reveal

This room was always intended to be the future nursery from day one. However, I’ve had FOMF (fear of moving forward) with this room because of not being sure when I’d want to TTC again. Aside from time and the fact my sis is going to be staying with us over her winter break, a big reason I chose to tackle this room for the One Room Challenge was to help get over my FOMF.

Now that it’s all done, I feel this huge weight off my shoulders. Guests have a cozy place to stay, and this room is in a good spot for when it hopefully one day becomes a nursery. 💕