Mirrored Doors for My Closet

Mirrored Closet Doors

After many trips back and forth to both Home Depot and Lowe’s, Monday was the day we made our decision. We headed to Lowe’s and picked out the first set of closet doors.

My New Closet Door

I snapped this shot while waiting for Joshua to come back with a cart. It was only appropriate I take a selfie picture of the doors. Oh yeah, I’m also holding a new light for our entryway – I accidentally broke the old one.

Tuesday night Joshua put the doors in! I’m loving the way they look, especially the beveled glass since it matches the cabinets above the vanity.

My New Closet Door My New Closet Door My New Closet Door

There’s a bit of a gap at the bottom because the doorway is a bit tall. This weekend we’re gonna play around with some solutions and get the doors for Joshua’s closet next.