It’s a Day of Love

2009 Valentine's Day in the snow with family

Happy Valentine’s Day! Every year I mention this post because I think it’s important for people to look at today as a day to LOVE, whether it’s yourself, your friends, or your family. Either way, it should be about love and being happy for others rather than deeming it National Singles Awareness Day. A day like today is about being with the people you care about, and that’s what I did.

Joshua and I woke this morning and had a nice breakfast with my family. We then went over to his family’s house to celebrate his adopted brother’s birthday. Then we took off with Bobby and Amber to visit their real dad at his shop for a bit. We met up again with Joshua’s adopted family at Sly Park where we spent the afternoon having a blast in the snow!

We had dinner with my family and then headed back home later in the evening. I had a really great visit which was apparent because Joshua said I had a smile on my face the entire time I was there. ♥