Week in Review | 11.6.16

View from the Harbor Cruise Tour #thelovelygeek


It’s been a busy week of traveling! On Sunday we celebrated our anniversary in Disneyland, and then on Monday we traveled home.

Tuesday was my one day at home before having to travel to Seattle, WA for my sister-in-law’s wedding. I had to report first thing for jury duty but luckily I was able to get excused due to my vacation. I managed to get a ton of laundry done and we dropped all four animals off for boarding. And of course… watched the election results come in. ?

Wednesday morning we were up bright and early at 4am leaving the house by 5am with my sister-in-law Amber riding along. After a LONG day of driving we arrived to the Airbnb around 8pm and reunited with family.

Thursday was family vacation day and bachelorette party, which I blogged about in great detail in this month’s A Day in the Life post. We did the Seattle Harbor Cruise and lunch at Pike Place Market. In the evening, Dani, Amber and I went out to dinner with the bride and bridesmaids followed by a limo tour around town for the bachelorette party.

Stop 1 on the Bachelorette Party tour. #seattle #twodorksbecomeone

Since my mom and sister flew in for the wedding Thursday afternoon, we did a little sight seeing on Friday. We went to the Space Needle followed by lunch and browsing at Pike Place Market. Then we ended the day with the wedding rehearsal dinner.

Saturday was the big day: the wedding! Everyone was busy all day long prepping for the wedding in one way or another. The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful thanks to the hard work and vision put in my by in-laws (and with a little help from Pinterest). Also, very happy to witness my lovely sister-in-law, Serena finally tie the knot to David.

And they lived happily ever after! #twodorksbecomeone


Nothing to report on as I have been out of the office all week. Hopefully I will have some projects to work on once I am back in the office on Tuesday.


My second week of NaBloPoMo is in the books! I have to say I am pretty proud of myself given I’ve been on vacation for basically the first half of November, and that’s typically when I have a hard time getting any blog posts in.

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