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Week in Review | 11.12.2017


This last week was an interesting one for me health-wise. On Monday I had to hit up my local Quest Diagnostics to get tested for Factor II Mutation, as requested by my RE. I was not at all prepared for the 14 vials of blood they took (only two less than when I got my RPL panel done), but I made it through like a champ.

The next day I woke up with what I was certain was a UTI, so I made a visit to my local urgent care. Although I didn’t test positive for a UTI there was some blood in my urine, so they had me drop off a sample at Quest for additional testing. The doctor was still nice enough to give me some antibiotics and pain meds. I let my nutritionist know what was going on, and she put me on a herbal protocol to help as well.

Aside from health shenanigans, the week ended with some good things happening. The painters wrapped up painting at the new house, so we can begin moving in! They have to do one more coat of paint on the front door, but everything else is ready to go! Joshua and I already started moving stuff in yesterday.

On Friday we celebrated my friend Ely’s birthday by going to Studio Movie Grill to see the new Justice League movie. It was a lot of fun and despite what all the critics/haters are saying, I LOVED the movie (just like Man of Steel and Batman vs. Superman)!

Selfie at the movies


It was a mildly slow week at work, and I think a lot of it has to do with holidays coming up. A trend I’ve noticed is that people either slow down and wait to do things after the holidays, or they realize the end of the year is coming up and quickly try to wrap up lingering projects.

I worked on an homepage refresh for one client, and I did a redesign of a mobile menu for another client. Aside from that, I continued working on a variety of internal projects including the eblast/social graphic we post reminding people we are closed for Thanksgiving.


Another full week of posts is in the books!